arvo easyword   notvärde fi n, valör fi c, värdera fi, placera fi, placera ut fi, plats fi c, position fi c, grad fi c, gradera fi, klass fi c, klassa fi, klassificera fi, placering fi c, stank fi, vämjelig fi, verk fi


*: “Rope and tomahawk,” explained Col. “We put them here this arvo when I came down and whistled first time.”

*: The usual reaction of a footsoldier observing such incidents is well summed up by the comments of Private Derrick in the Salient at Tobruk: ‘Seen a human side of the war yesterday arvo Red Cross partys [sic] burying dead & treating wounded one of our partys were fired on by enemy & I will always remember it’.50

*: ‘Well fly you out at seven this arvo—but bring them down a little early, just in case we need to think of something else.’

*: “Yeah, he only works on a Saturday arvo,” Kelly told her. “I think the place is packed on that day, because girls come from everywhere just to get a glimpse of him. Hes hot as.”

suositut haut
desigramma toisto runko tietokoneavusteinen suunnittelu harsia pamahdella