la easyword   den fr c, det fr n, en del fr, lite fr, någon fr, något fr, några fr, somliga fr, vissa fr, henne fr, hennes fr, sin fr, där borta fr, den där fr, lä sv, dit fr, å andra sidan fr, alltså fr, då fr, därpå fr, dåvarande fr, dess fr, dessutom fr, i så fall fr, samtidigt fr, sedan fr, sen fr, -a fr p, -en fr c, -et fr n, -n fr c, -na fr p, -t fr n, [[ju]] + ''comp.'', [[desto]] + ''comp.'' fr, läsida sv c


: "La la la la, I cant hear you!" Jimmy said, pretending to hold a mic and sing like his father.

: I couldnt make out the words of the song, it was just a bunch of la la la as far as I could hear.

*: “Oh, la! here come the Richardsons. I had a vast deal more to say to you, but I must not stay away from them any longer.”

*: Following lukewarm on the heels of an article a few weeks ago, where (I paraphrase due to having filed the relevant copy in the recycling bin) Victoria Beckham made a "well-meaning" remark that the other Spice Girls might want to lose a few pounds, we now have a new incidence of La Beckhams scintillating and entirely well-meaning humour.

*: By judicious leaking, he also managed to make la Kirkpatrick and her associates look rather unsavory.

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