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*: The little M.E.’s man nodded, picked his bag off the deck and went back up the steps to the pier.

: Can you hear me?

*: And I awoke, and found me here.

: Come with me.

: He gave me this.

*: When I get to college, I’m gonna get me a white Nissan Sentra.

: It wasnt me.

*: There don?t seem much to say just now. / (Yer what? Then don?t, yer ruddy cow! / And give us back me cigarette!)

: Me and my friends played a game.

*: One of them, whose sobriquet was Big-headed Blackboy, was stretched out before the fire, and no answer could be obtained from him, but a drawling repetition, in grunts of displeasure, of “Bel (not) me want to go.”

*: Strong Bad: Me gotta see that again.

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