notvärde n, valör c, värdera, placera, placera ut, plats c, position c, grad c, gradera, klass c, klassa, klassificera, placering c, stank, vämjelig, verk


*: “Rope and tomahawk,” explained Col. “We put them here this arvo when I came down and whistled first time.”

*: The usual reaction of a footsoldier observing such incidents is well summed up by the comments of Private Derrick in the Salient at Tobruk: ‘Seen a human side of the war yesterday arvo Red Cross partys [sic] burying dead & treating wounded one of our partys were fired on by enemy & I will always remember it’.50

*: ‘Well fly you out at seven this arvo—but bring them down a little early, just in case we need to think of something else.’

*: “Yeah, he only works on a Saturday arvo,” Kelly told her. “I think the place is packed on that day, because girls come from everywhere just to get a glimpse of him. Hes hot as.”

suositut haut
varustautua Burkina Faso kutsua suoranainen alennusmyynti nuija