nä, ej, icke, inte, de, dom, hen, man, va, -a p, -en c, -et n, -n c, -na p, -t n, den c, det n, [[ju]] + ''comp.'', [[desto]] + ''comp.''


*: He nevere yet no vilaynie ne sayde.

*: And whan the good quene herde these pyteous tydynges lytel lacked that the ne dyed for sorowe / wherfore all lamentably the began to complayne her sayenge.

*: Whilom in Albions isle there dwelt a youth, / Who ne in virtues ways did take delight [...].

*: But to her cry they list not lenden eare, / Ne ought the more their mightie strokes surceasse.

*: The pang, the curse, with which they died, / Had never passd away; / I could not draw my een from theirs / Ne turn them up to pray.

: Sting, né Gordon Sumner

: ux|en|so I saw this girl né, and I wanted to talk to her...

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